2015’s Top-Rated Pheromones

2015’s Top-Rated Pheromones

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The Science Of Attraction

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There are certain things that most definitely do play a major role in whether or not one person is attracted to another. Looks do count for a lot. Unless there is some level of physical attraction present then it is not likely two people will ever become potential paramours.

The notion that personality will play a part in developing attraction to another person is assuredly not a cliché. There must be a likability associated with the personality of an individual in order for attraction to manifest. Even psychological factors will play a part. There may be aspects deep within the psyche of a person that leads him or her to be attracted to someone else.

While all these factors may play a role in the development of being attracted to someone, it would not be wise to ignore the role pheromones play in how people are attracted to one another. At the core of the science of attraction can be found the role pheromones play.

The Early Look at Pheromones

The very first study into the subject of how pheromones occur ex in 1971. The study was conduct by Martha McClintock, PhD, who was a psychologist at the University of Chicago. This study made notes of how the release of pheromones coincided with menstrual cycles. Over the years, further research into pheromones took place. From these studies, we now have a better understanding of the role pheromones play in manifesting attraction. Furthermore, we also know that the attraction capabilities of pheromones will be connected to social and psychological factors.


Different Types

Androsterone … The “alpha” Male

Males who have a higher ratio of androsterone are considered to be more masculine. Androsterone is well-known to be a great ice-breaker, especially around shy people. It’s perfect for  wearing at parties, board meetings, and dates. When women have worn androsterone, it has been known to have mood elevating effects. Products that contain Androsterone include Pherazone, Chikara, and Scent of Eros.

Androstenol … Calm and Comforting

Androstenol is a social ‘mone known to attract women. It makes the wearer less intimidating and more approachable. This pheromone attracts more empathy and romantic feelings. It creates an aura of youth and health. By producing this aura, it creates the impression of reproductive fitness, which humans find attractive. Products created with androstenol create an increase in chattiness and friendliness in both males and females. It has been nicknamed as the “ice-breaker”. This includes brands like Pherazone, Chikara, and Alter Ego.


Featured On ABC News 20/20

As ABC’s 20/20 recently pointed out, pheromones have been around for years — at least the synthetic kind. In nature, they are odorless hormones secreted by animals, capable of having a significant effect on the opposite gender. Over time however, we have managed to either cancel them out through our obsessive self-hygiene, or have experienced a change in our standards.

The question now, of course, is whether or not pheros actually work. There are many products on the market, some of which claim to offer the ultimate solution in dating and relationships, but if you’ve been around for any significant period of time, you know that looks, descriptions, and labels can be deceiving. Bill Ritter of 20/20 did a two part experiment involving Athena Pheromones which some interesting results. It should be noted that Winefreid Cutler, a pheromone discoverer and biologist states that her product works for 75% of the people who use them, which is why hers costs $100 for ⅙ of an ounce.

The Experiment — Part One

Two sets of identical twins were used in the experiment, one set of males, and one set of females. For the purpose of this experiment, the two sets were in their twenties, and they were provided two different scents. One twin would receive the proper pheromones, and the other would not. The object of the experiment was to see which twin was able to garner more attention from the opposite sex.

The environment for this experiment was a speed dating setup, and the set of twins would simply participate. Because each set was identical and had similar personalities, they should have experienced the same results, but the results were surprisingly varied.

Participating in ten different ‘dates’ at five minutes apiece, the results were as follows:

Dave — 10
Paul — 6

Sara — 9
Bridget — 5

Not surprisingly, the winners were the ones wearing the Athena product. This said quite a bit for the product, but personalities also had to be taken into account. More conclusive results were discovered in part two of the experiment.

The Experiment — Part Two

In part two of this experiment, a completely different demographic was used. Instead of men and women in their twenties, two women in their forties were experimented upon. It is known within the scientific community that women in their forties

Test Conducted on single 40 something Women

Women in their 40’s do not excrete the same level of pheromones that they did in their twenties. That said, a test for these two women, Kathleen and Lisa Ann would be interesting, to say the least.

At the start of the experiment, both women had the same complaints, which is to say they got some attention from men, but neither one of them were able to land their ‘soulmate’ or even a long term relationship. Both agreed to wear the product each day to see what type of results they could produce.

During the beginning of the experiment they both experienced mediocre results, claiming that they received no more attention on the streets than usual. After a month, the two compared notes, and it turns out that Kathleen was getting much more attention. In the end however, they both experienced positive results, indicating that pheromones work a bit slower in the older demographic, but they DO work.

As put by the Winnifred Cutler: “I think our product is the only product that has any proof behind its claims,” In addition to that she stated: “Our pheromones are sexual attractants. They do make the wearers more sexually attractive.” As of right now, there is no proof to dispute her claims, and results have been overwhelmingly positive.


The Science of Attraction

There have been quite a number of psychological and sociological studies that have been performed over the years to draw a profile of the common traits of attraction. One study noted women will commonly be attracted to men that present somewhat of a masculine swagger. It could be noted that masculinity is desirable since it connects to the alpha male concept of a good mate in evolutionary terms. Of course, in our modern society, other factors will connect to enhance levels of attraction. For those that find a swagger alone is not enhancing attraction, products such as pheromones sprays might be used. These sprays may very well offer the extra attraction capable of boosting interest.

Returning to The McClintock Study

In the McClintock study, it was noted that when men produce androstadienone in the form of secretions, they are releasing something that can draw in the attraction of women. In a similar vein, women can produce a secretion known as estratetraenol which can act as an attractant to men. The ability to harness these secretions in a product form may very well deliver a means of attracting the opposite sex through better science. However, McClintock was quick to point out there are other factors that tie into attraction. Supplements can only do exactly that: supplement something that already exists to a certain level. This should not be considered a negative assessment. After all, any discovery that can contribute to levels of attraction has value.

According to WebMD, “Users, but not of an inactive control substance, had increased frequency of informal dates, affectionate gestures, sleeping next to a romantic partner, foreplay, and sexual intercourse.” … ” the researchers concluded that these love chemicals increased the sexual attractiveness of men to women, and therefore sexual behaviors requiring the woman’s interest and cooperation, rather than sex drive itself.”

Another study performed by University of  Utah physiologist D. Louis Monti-Bloch, and reported by the Los Angeles Times states “Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often (a 47% increase in sexual intercourse) than those who used a placebo (a 9.5% increase).”

Controversy Will Always Exist

It can be said there will always be a level of controversy present regarding how much pheromones will contribute to attraction. This is why there will never be an end to the number of studies being performed. This can be considered a good thing because the more studies that are undertaken then the more likely we will someday come to definitive conclusions about how pheromones effective the science of attraction.


Benefits include an increase in sexual desire in both men and women. Using these natural attractants in a relationship such as a long-term marriage  can ignite more passion. If a marriage has lacked physical intimacy for some time, pheromones may help aid in healing a “dry spell.” Men who currently aren’t in a relationship may notice more attention from women such as eye contact or smiles.

Believe it or not, these chemical marvels can also cause less tension in the office, easing tension between women co-workers. Some business women wear them to increase their leadership.  Others may perceive a women who are wearing mones’ to display more confidence.

These natural attractants can play with our minds and make us more open to decisions even when we don’t expect it. They increase desire, sexual activity and our ability to attract the opposite sex.


If you believe that you could take advantage from pheromones, then use them willingly. They are perfect for increasing passion in a lack-luster marriage, helping you have more courage in a new relationship or even increase your confidence during business transactions. They are a natural way to increase desire and there shouldn’t be any guilt placed when using them. Humans have spent so many years learning how to cover up this natural scent with soaps, deodorants and other perfumes, that we have lost our ability to sense them. Although we don’t naturally smell them, it is still human instinct to detect them.

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