Alter Ego For Women

About Alter Ego For Women
By Mark Alexander, Pheromones Report Editor


Alter Ego for women is a popular and well-known female pheromone. It’s more of a general pheromone, which means it has broad appeal. From user comments and feedback, the general consensus is that is works best to increase comfort, friendliness, and chattiness with men.

Alter Ego contains many of the key pheromones that are responsible for attraction such as androstenol. Subjects exposed to Androstenol report feelings of comfort, relaxation, and increased social interaction. This makes it a great pheromone for “breaking the ice” and starting conversations with guys.

Because of Alter Ego for Women’s unique blend, combining subtle elements of sexual attraction, dominance, comfort, friendliness, and relaxation, as well as seemingly putting the wearer in a better mood, it’s a great standalone pheromone product.


Alter Ego lasts an impressive 6 hours during normal usage. Some of the more expensive colognes only last for 4 hours so it was a welcomed surprise.

If you’re spending your evening at a night club or party then it never hurts to pack a little in your back pocket. Chikara uses high-quality pheromones that drive most women crazy. The erotic texture and scent of this cologne coupled with the high concentration of pheromones makes it downright impossible for women to ignore you. This stuff smells exceptionally well and makes you feel awesome around women.

A bottle of Alter Ego For Women retails for $49.95 making it an affordable pheromone. Quality pheromones usually start above $50 so I was pleasantly surprised by the mostly positive reviews and results of this female pheromone


  • Provocative aroma entices men
  • Perfect for dating
  • Overwhelming positive reviews from customers


  • 4 of the 7 pheromones are proprietary.


  • Androstenone
  • Androstenol
  • Androsterone

Final Verdict

92963_ThumbOverall, Alter Ego for Women is affordable, high-quality pheromone oil that has a pleasant smell and produces a friendly aura around guys. It works great for those encounters where you don’t want to generate over the top reactions from people around you. Because Alter Ego for women is such a good stand-alone pheromone oil, there are many ways to spice it up with other fragrances to get the desired effect. While not the most powerful pheromone I’ve reviewed, its overall versatility makes it a worthy product. If you’re looking for a subtler pheromone product that doesn’t scream, “I need attention” yet still manages to lure attractive men, then Alter Ego is recommended.

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