Annoying Things Men Do To Attract Women

Men think that they can annoy a woman into being with them. Perhaps they do not know that they are being annoying. You would think that at some point someone would have told them how annoying they are and they would change their ways. But, that does not appear to be the case. They are still out there trying to attract women with their annoying habits. Some women are taking them up on their offers and this makes the problem worse. To all the men out there, stop being so annoying! And, to the women stop falling for his games!

One of the most annoying things a man can do to attract women is talk the talk when he cannot walk the walk. It is so frustrating to hear a man go on and on about things he can do when he is really lying or exaggerating his skill level. He has to be this big tough guy bragging about all the people he has fought and how many people fear him, when in reality he has never been in a fight. It is equally frustrating when he tells a woman that he works in an attorney’s office but leaves out the part that he is a janitor. Just tell the truth! It isn’t that the woman will not find out. When she does, it will just be worse on the man. Just be who you are and stop being annoying. Just tell the truth!

Women find it annoying when a man has to tell you how much money they have. When a man goes on and on about all of his money and possessions it is usually a clear indication that he does not have as much money as he claims or he would not have to brag about it so much and try to attract women. Someone with real money does not have to flash it around. They know that it will come out eventually and they are comfortable with the process. If a man tells a woman how much money he has he is normally not telling the whole truth and women find it incredibly annoying. Unless the woman is a gold digger she will not care about your money anyway, so stop bragging.

Nothing says desperation like giving unsolicited gifts all the time to attract women. If a man feels the need to buy you presents all the time, chances are he is trying to buy your love and affection and that is very annoying. Just give normal gifts on special occasions and they will be more appreciated and received much better. A man does not want a woman he can buy, and a real woman is not for sale.

When a man feels that he has to come off as thug or tough guy to attract women it can be very annoying. We have all met these guys that sag their pants and grab their crotch thinking that this will bring women running. If a woman is worth having she will not think that the fact that you grab your Johnson in public is attractive. She will probably think that you are immature and annoying. As for the girls that like this kind of behavior, then the two of you deserve one another. A real woman will avoid you when you act this way.

Men do all kinds of crazy things to attract women. Some of them are annoying and should be avoided. Real men will be themselves and they will attract the right kind of woman. If you have to be someone you are not then it is not worth your time or trouble. Men should know that they do not have to be annoying to attract women. Honesty is always the best policy. If you are a woman and you are attracted to fake men then shame on you. Keep it real and stop annoying all the women of the world and maybe we can all coexist a little better.

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