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About Attractant 10
By Mark Alexander, Proven Pheromones Editor

Attractant 10 Pheromone for men is a product that uses the principle that pheromones have an aphrodisiac effect that attracts women and enhances the sexual desire in men. It is based on the premise of Pheromones, which are a chemicals released by animals in the wild and humans to attract each other for sexual purposes. There is scientific research that men and women are attracted to each other through Alpha-Androsterol, but normal hygiene has caused these natural scents to be washed away. With cologne products, that are said to contain pheromone, it is believed this natural attractiveness can be duplicated.

Attractant 10 Pheromone doesn’t reveal what pheromones it contains, but it claims to contain a formula of different ones that are based on a European formulation, which is why it says it is more expensive. It mentions that other products only contain one Pheromone, (which is all there is for a human woman), so we aren’t sure what other pheromones it contains and what they are meant to attract.

According to the company website, Attractant 10 is a blend of Pheromones that can attract women and increase sexual desire in men and women. They have a money back guarantee on a single purchase, but not on multiple-bottle purchases and the guarantee isn’t very well spelled out. They claim that the product will immediately attract women.


The effect of Attractant 10 Pheromone spray is said to work almost immediately and a bottle of the chemical spray should last 2 to 4 weeks. The spray is supposed to be more effective than other products because of the European formula, but there isn’t a list of exactly what the product contains, although it is more expensive than competing brands that are sold as a female attractant.

According to the company website, users of Attractant 10 have reported women are immediately attracted to them, when they use this product. The website lists quotes from Time Magazine, Men Only Magazine, The Sun and Oui Magazine.


  • They have an official website with a few user testimonials
  • Affordable


  • May not work for everyone
  • Pheromones not listed
  • The smell of Attractant 10 might not be that attractive
  • More expensive than similar products that work


  • N/A

Final Verdict

Attractant 10 Pheromone doesn’t offer an explanation of the ingredients, user testimonials seem exaggerated and it is more expensive than similar products. The money back guarantee isn’t laid out well, although they offer one on a single bottle purchase. Overall, this product might be a waste of money.

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