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About Beaches Pheromones Body Oil
By Mark Alexander, Proven Pheromones Editor

There are literally hundreds of pheromone products out there, which begs the question – “which one works?” Finding a pheromone product that really provides results is tough, which is why reading reviews before buying is recommended. If you are considering Beaches Body Oil, here is a closer look at this product that will help you decide whether this is the right pheromone product for you.


Beaches Body Oil is a pheromone product that is by Michael Vie that is supposed to help people attract members of the opposite sex and it is designed for both sexes. The company reports that the product is supposed to bring about thoughts of sex, love, and romance. This product is supposed to be a special “love potion” that the Shaman have used for many years and it includes a variety of exotic oils and fragrances. Alpha Androstenone and Alpha Androstenon have also been added to the product, which is supposed to make it even more powerful for those that use it.

This pheromone product does not seem to last very long. It is supposed to be refreshed on a regular basis when new opportunities come. In our tests, it seemed to wear away within a couple hours, which lead to multiple applications.

Beaches Body Oil is very easy to use. It comes with a roll applicator that simply rolls on the skin. It is supposed to be used on the chin, forehead, nose, and other places that may be near the nose of someone of the opposite sex. The company also provides a spray that can be used along with the oil.

Although the body oil by Beaches does not have a really bad scent, it doesn’t prove to be effective. Although it is claimed to be a secret “love potion” in real tests it does not seem to hold much of a secret and results are very disappointing.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Affordable


  • May not work for everyone
  • Pheromones not listed


  • Andrestenone

Final Verdict

To get a better idea of how Beaches Body Oil works, we decided to put the product to the test. For a 10ml bottle, I paid $39.95, which seemed like a lot for such a tiny bottle. When I received the product, I smelled it. It wasn’t too bad, but the smell wasn’t one I was too fond of.

I wanted to see how this product was going to work, so I rolled on the oil to my nose, chin, and forehead. I wasn’t too fond of the oily feeling on my face and when I looked in the mirror it made me look like my skin was greasy, but I wanted to use the product as directed.

That evening I went out to a club, and with all the dancing I was doing, it seemed that the product was sweated away in just an hour. I went and reapplied because I wasn’t seeing any results. After reapplying I did have a couple girls come up and chat with me over drinks, but I didn’t get their number – in fact, we didn’t even dance.

I went home dateless and numberless. In the end, I simply felt oily after reapplying the product several times. I had used quite a bit of the oil in the tiny bottle and had nothing to show for it, which is why I definitely don’t recommend this product to men or women.

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