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Dating Ideas for Summer

Summer dating is probably the best time to nurture your romantic relationships and for several reasons. The season is, after all, characterized by warm and sunny weather coupled with a wide choice of fun activities in and around town, all of which means couples of all ages will enjoy dating on a daily basis, if […]

Which Avenger Would Be the Best Date?

Most people toy with the idea of dating a superhero. They think about how marvelous it would be to know that your date can do all of these amazing things, and how cool it would be to get to see them do it. The prestige you would gain from dating a superhero would mean a […]

Nice Guys Can Finish Last And Get The Girl

The saying goes that nice guys finish last. This is meant to say that nice guys finish last in life and in love. However, the fact of the matter is that a nice guys can find that he has success with¬†girls, if he uses certain strategies. There are strategies that will ensure that the nice […]

Annoying Things Men Do To Attract Women

Men think that they can annoy a woman into being with them. Perhaps they do not know that they are being annoying. You would think that at some point someone would have told them how annoying they are and they would change their ways. But, that does not appear to be the case. They are […]