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About Climax X Factor
By Mark Alexander, Proven Pheromones Editor

Climax X Factor Pheromone Cologne Spray for men is by Y2Male. Based on the natural chemical that is released by men and women to sexually attract each other, Alpha-Androstenol Pheromone, men who wear this spray can attract women. Pheromones are said to attract women chemically through the sense of smell and enhances sexual desire in men with just a spray. According to Amazon, there are no user reviews on Climax X Factor Pheromone Cologne Spray. There is no mention of the product on the Y2Male website either, so this product is available on a limited basis


According to the company website, Climax X Factor is a light naturally scented Pheromone cologne that will attract females, but they do not list the duration. From our testing, Climax X only lasted for 2-3 hours.


  • Affordable


  • May not work for everyone
  • Pheromones not listed


  • N/A

Final Verdict

Climax X Factor is a Pheromone spray cologne that claims to help men attract women, but there is a lot of information lacking about this product. Even the manufacturer doesn’t seem to be offering the product, but there are still some places it is found. Because of the lack of user reviews and limited availability, chances are that the product has been discontinued, and there might be good reason.

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