Dating Ideas for Summer

Summer dating is probably the best time to nurture your romantic relationships and for several reasons. The season is, after all, characterized by warm and sunny weather coupled with a wide choice of fun activities in and around town, all of which means couples of all ages will enjoy dating on a daily basis, if so desired.

Here are a few of the best ideas for dating during the summer season. We suggest experimenting with these ideas so that your date will have fun in your company at every turn even when you take him/her out on daily dates. Keep in mind that every other couple will be out on dates but you can make each and every date as unique as your own relationship.

Go on a Picnic

The list of summer dating ideas will be incomplete without the picnic suggestions. The parks, woods and meadows, among other outdoor places, are just waiting for picnic-goers to enjoy their surroundings. The grass is green, the sunlight is warm, and the surroundings are conducive to playful romance.

We suggest bringing along easy-to-prepare and yet filling food and beverages like sandwiches, pies and salads as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on. The beverages should be aplenty to avoid dehydration especially when hikes are required to get to the picnic site. Water and fruit juices are best since these do not dehydrate the body as quickly as alcoholic drinks although champagne and wine can also be brought for toasts.

Well, of course, summer dating need not always be outdoors. You can always enjoy picnics in the privacy of your home. Think of your garden, your rooftop and even your tree house as venues for your picnics – easy, fast and convenient, too.

Go on a Drive

If you have a car, you can take your partner on a leisurely drive through the countryside. You will be amazed at how the beautiful countryside is just a few minutes’ drive away from the bustling metropolis. You can then be spontaneous in your plans – check in to a charming bed-and-breakfast, scour the flea markets for great finds for your apartment, visit vineyards, and take the roads less traveled, for example.

The best benefits derived from this summer dating idea include its affordability, creativity and spontaneity. Your main expense will be on the gas purchases followed by food and drinks, which can be planned in advance by packing in sandwiches, salads and water before traveling. You can then go with the flow, so to speak, when you reach the countryside although we recommend taking note of gas stations, diners and motels along the way.

Go to the Beach

Summer equals the beach – or at least, the pool if the beach is far away from your place of residence. It is the best opportunity to wear your bikini, work on your tan and just chill back, relax and spend time with your partner away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routines. Summer dating is incomplete without playing in the water, don’t you think so?

Well, obviously, you can also engage in fun activities while on the beach instead of just lounging around. Relationship experts recommend couples to engage in recreational activities as partners to keep the flame of passion burning while also establishing deep bonds of friendship. Your time on the beach is a great opportunity to enjoy these benefits with recreational activities like kayaking, parasailing and swimming.

Go for Outdoor Movies

Yet another great summer dating idea is to watch movies under the stars. Yes, there’s something so romantic about drive-in movies probably because of the chance to snuggle, cuddle and canoodle in the old-fashioned way – sans the actual sex act, that is.

Since you are in the movies, throw in buckets of popcorn and cans of soda into the mix. You will find that a food fight transforming into a sensual petting session is a great way to light the fires of passion in your relationship.

Just be creative with your summer dating ideas and enjoy your revitalized relationship that will be your main source of happiness for many, many seasons to come.

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