About Icebreaker

By Mark Alexander, Proven Pheromones Editor

Manufactured by Ascent Research Group, Icebreaker claims to increase smiles, flirtation, and sexual desire from women. Icebreaker seems to have an equal share of rabid fans and haters. Its one of those pheromones you either love or hate. According to the manufacturer, Icebreaker contains eight social and sexual pheromones to make women feel relaxed and seduced in your presence. Some of the key pheromones include androstenone, which is known to amplify the perception of male dominance. Androstenone is the second ingredient and is used to reinforce the social effects of pheromones. Third, it also includes androsterone, which promotes a sense of trust.

Duration: We were unable to find any claims on their sales page. However, testing showed that Icebreakers last between 4 – 6 hours under normal conditions.

Effectiveness: Icebreaker produced mixed results on women. Some responded favorably while others carried on with their business and showed no increase in attraction. Users may need to experiment with the proper dosage to get the best results. Like any other spray cologne, 2-4 squirts is best.




Fragrance: Smells similar to Tommy cologne.

Final Verdict: Icebreaker is a decent pheromone cologne that works exceptionally well for some and not so great for others. Fortunately, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We found that it does increase the attraction of women and has a masculine, powerful fragrance.

Rank Brand Score Strength Results Concentrate Smell Guarantee Customers
Price Visit
1. 98% 18mg 98% 30
2. 90% 17mg 90% 30
3. 87% 13mg 88% 30
4. 84% 13.5mg 83% 30
5. 83% 10mg 84% 30

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Ok, so i was a bit skeptical about this stuff before I bought it and I can safely say that I think it works for me. From all the reading that I’ve done about pheromones, YMMV. I’ve been married for 7 years and we seemed to have lost some of that “spark”. But I can safely say that even when my wife is in a bad mood or really stressed and I put this on, it seems to have a calming effect on her. My after dark activities have doubled since I started using this stuff. And what’s more is that there’s a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied! Seriously, I’m just your average “Joe” and I was really just looking for something to “rekindle that spark” that’s been missing.
I’m not saying that this stuff is going to make her jump your bones or make her jump into bed with you, but it’s a calming type pheromone. I like the effect and the benefits that I’ve been receiving from this product and will definitely reorder! To me, I can’t smell it, but there’s a very small % of people who can actually smell these. I also use Eternity for men to cover any possible smell that she might be smelling, if she can even smell it. I started by using one drop and gradually moved to two drops. I like the effect I’ve been getting, so I’m hesitant to go to three drops. Again… YMMV! Different people react differently to the different pheromone products out there. And this one is more of a social icebreaker than a “Hey let’s jump into bed together.” But some of that is also on your part too.

Thx for this artical. Really helpful, I have just started to sell this product now, on my seduction blog. Love the product!

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