Instant Honesty

How do you choose a good pheromone product? After all, the market is so saturated with products, trying to pick seems a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Reviews are the answer. You can find out more about pheromone products without having to spend your own money. This way you choose a product that really works. Instant Honesty is one of the many products available, but before you buy it, read this review to find out more.


Instant Honesty is a pheromone product that is supposed to have three different human pheromones in it and it is made with a Neroli base as well. For every bottle, this product is supposed to contain 3000 mcg of pheromones in it. This product is considered to be a communication oriented pheromone product, which is made to make people feel relaxed and be themselves with you. Some recommend using it with another related product, known as Instant Openness.


The product suggests that you start with two sprays, which should last for 2-8 hours. When you learn more about how it affects you, you can go with one spray or go up to five sprays, which is the most you are recommended to wear at one time. Although the product is supposed to last for up to eight hours, our tests found that it didn’t last near that long.

Ease of Use

Since Instant Honesty is a spray product, it is easy to use. It can simply be applied to pulse points. It is important to note that if you put it on the neck or ears, it may affect you too according to the manufacturer, which is something you may not want. It’s a good idea to use on wrists, and spraying it on makes application easy.


Instant Honesty boasts that it will help to get people to be honest and open with you, helping you to be more intimate with the opposite sex. However, in our tests we found that it did not live up to the claims that it made and had little to no effect on the opposite sex when it came to making them open up.

Use Experience

I decided to purchase some Instant Honesty for myself to see how the product really worked and if it would live up to the claims that it made. The cost seemed steep for the tiny bottle, costing me $49.95 plus shipping.

When the product arrived, I noticed that the bottle wasn’t very attractive, but it is what is inside the bottle that should be important. I used two sprays just like the bottle told me to and then I headed out to meet up with a girl I was dating for the first time. Since this product was supposed to help her open up, I though this was the perfect option for this first date.

On the date, my date actually commented on the strange smell. I wasn’t fond of the smell myself and I was a bit embarrassed that she had noticed it – not in a good way either. They date was okay, but the product definitely didn’t make her open up about herself. In fact, she didn’t really talk that much through the whole date.

In the end, Instant Honesty was a big disappointment to me. It definitely wasn’t worth the price and because I didn’t see results, I could never recommend it to someone else.

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