Instant Jerk

If you are looking for a good pheromone product, you may be wondering how to avoid the products that don’t work to ensure you get one that does the job. The best answer to this question is reading reviews. Reviews allow you to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of pheromone products before you buy them. Then you can decide if you want to spend your money. Instant Jerk is one product and here is a look at this product to provide you with information you can use to make a good decision.


Instant Jerk is a pheromone product that is a bit different than many of the products out there today. According to the manufacturers, it is supposed to turn you into a jerk, but a jerk that is irresistible. The product is designed based on the idea that women go for jerks and with the pheromones in this product, supposedly a few sprays of this product will turn you into a jerk. For each bottle there is 3000 mcg of pheromones, although the company never does reveal what pheromones are used within this product to cause the “jerk” affect.


When you use Instant Jerk, it does take about 15 minutes for the product to dry down the way it should, and then it leaves behind a scent that is fairly light. It is supposed to last for 2-8 hours, giving you the jerk effects, but we found in tests that it wore off quite quickly.

Ease of Use

You will find that Instant Jerk is easy to use. It comes in a small spray bottle that contains about 200 sprays. Simply spray it on the chest or any other area that is beneath your neck. The product does say you can go up to two sprays if you need to, but you should never use more than two sprays of this product.


According to the company behind Instant Jerk, this product will affect you by making you a jerk. Supposedly you will get some more enemies, act angrier than you usually are, and end up acting like an arrogant jerk. While we aren’t quite sure that is something you want to try in the first place, our trials found that this product didn’t do the job and meet the claims that it made.

User Experience

To get a better idea of how this pheromone product work, I decided to buy and try out Instant Jerk myself. I paid the $47.95 and shipping costs for the product to see if there really is a product that will make you a jerk.

When the product arrived and I opened the bottle, I smelled it and was a bit put off by the smell. The smell was supposed to be very light. In fact, they claim it is light enough that you can wear it with another cologne, but the smell seemed a bit much to me, and it wasn’t a pleasing smell either.

To give Instant Jerk a try, I decided to try this one out at a club to see what happened. I only went with one spray on my chest and headed off to the club. When I got to the club, I did feel pretty confident, but I didn’t end up in any fights, no one got mad at me, and I didn’t really have any luck with the ladies either.

This is definitely not a pheromone product I would recommend to anyone else. When I used it, I saw no effects at all, which was disappointing. In the end, I simply found myself wishing I had my money back. Who wants to be a jerk anyway?

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