Marilyn Miglin For Women

About Marilyn Miglin Pheromones
By Wendy Adams, Proven Pheromons Editor

Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin is a popular cologne for men based on the theory that pheromones are one of the key attractions of women to men. The use of this cologne is said to attract the opposite sex with an ingredient called androstenone which men secrete when they perspire.

Based on studies that humans are attracted to others of the opposite sex due to their smell, this cologne is targetted for those who want a more sophisticated fragrance. It appeals to more upscale women and men who are into fine wine and dining.


As a cologne, Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin is falls short of providing long lasting results. Many users have griped of the relativily short effects of this brand. Unlike other pheromones that stay strong and last up to 4-6 hours, Marilyn only lasts for 1-2 hours. Some reviewers say the cologne can be applied in the morning and by lunch time there is not a hint of it left.

Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin is available in a spray bottle that contains 3.4 ounces of pheromone blend in addition to other aromas. It’s easy to use and There is also a 1.7 ounce bottle as well as aftershave, deodorant, body wash and soap. Ingredients include citrus, honey and labdanum. They are used to produce a masculine aroma that is said to enhance the appeal of the man. It only takes a few squirts to notice the “pheromone” cologne scent.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Smells great


  • May not work for everyone


  • Does not contain pheromones

Final Verdict


The sad truth is that Marilyn Miglin probably does not contain real human pheromones. I haven’t seen any studies or overwhelmingly positive user reviews that to confirm this. So, why does Marilyn Miglin Pheromone have the word pheromones? Now, that’s a good question. Unfortunately, I was not able to detect any difference in women’s attraction.

Looking at their own product description, it becomes apparent there are no real pheromones in this product …For example, “PHEROMONE FOR MEN, the most powerful attractant known, is a balanced blend of rare and expensive essences derived from herbs, wild grasses, exotic bark, seeds and wine resins.” Real pheromone products do not use wild grasses, exotic bark, or wine resins to attract women.

Rank Brand Price Strength Results Concentrate Smell Guarantee Customers
1. 98% 18mg 98% 30
2. 90% 17mg 90% 30
3. 87% 13mg 88% 30
4. 84% N/A 88% 30
5. 79% 5mg 85% 30

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