Featured in the news and major media outlets, pheromones are powerful chemicals our bodies product to attract the opposite sex. Studies have shown users experienced increased flirting, more dates, more confidence, and greater satisfaction in their love lives..

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1. Sexual 7 36mg/72mg Citrus 30 Days 92% Read $89.95
2. Alpha-7 Sexual 2 21mg Musky 30 Days 84% Read $59.95
3. Chikara-Pheromones Sexual 7 20mg Light Musk 30 Days 83% Read $59.95
4. Social 8 16mg Light Musk 30 Days 81% Read $99.50
5. Scent-Of-Eros Sexual 8 15mg Musky 30 Days 80% Read $49.95

Currently, there are several pheromone-based colognes and perfumes  They have become marketed and increasingly popular to boost social and sexual interactions. People also use pheromones to boost person-to-person contact such as in sales and customer relations. The pheromone you choose will depend on your personality as well as the concentration and amount used. Research and experimentation are crucial to achieving the best results.

Choosing The Right Pheromone

It is important to understand that our acuity to odor and it’s influence on our behavior is something we are usually not consciously aware of. Instead it remains hidden within our subconscious.

Scientists describe our response to pheromones as instinctive. Increasing your output of human pheromones can facilitate your understanding  and selection of your potential partners, social bonding, and sexual behavior. What many men do not realize they also need to look towards improving their biological scent. This may seem like an odd assessment but those who are familiar with how human pheromones in the body are to attract a mate will be quick to point out these faint scents play a huge role in being attractive to others.

To understand how this process works revolves around understanding what pheromones are and how they support the body’s natural ability to attract a mate.

How and What Your Nose Knows


To better understand how much information we receive from our sense of smell it’s best to understand how chemical signals are detected and processed. The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is responsible for the detection of smells that are produced by hormones to influence sexual behavior. The VNO can be found in the upper regions of our nose where they detect pheromones and transmit these signals to the limbic brain, otherwise known as the primitive, subconscious part of the brain.

While there are varied purposes for the release of a pheromone, the most common reason is to illicit sexual excitement.  This amorous reaction to these sexual attractants derives from earlier stages in human evolution that is not as prominent today as it was in early history. The reaction simply has to be tapped into to bring it to the forefront of consciousness responses.

Human pheromones fall under several different categories.

Androstenol – The alpha isomer has an impact on the way in which human being communicate. Essentially, it helps takes the edge off of conversations and approaching others. Perhaps deep in the recesses of the human mind is an evolutionary fear of danger when another being approaches. The alpha isomer is designed to help dull such a behavioral response, This, in turn, makes approaching someone a lot easier because the approach is a lot more comfortable to the other person.

Beta-Androstenol – The beta-Androstenol isomer is considered a secondary pheromone that serves little purpose other than to provide secondary support to the primary alpha isomer. That is not a disparaging description of the beta-Androstenol since the added support certainly can help making conversation and approaches a lot easier.

And as most men already know, meeting someone new starts with an approach and followed by an introductory conversation.

Androstenone – Androstenone is at the root of male aggression which when channeled into a scent it can prove quite appealing since it presents subliminal “alpha male” characteristics. Androsterone is a less aggressive pheromone and it aids in the ability to help others feel more comfortable and relaxed around the person giving off a scent. It can be considered very similar to Androstenol.

The science behind the pheromones is one thing but what about the actual delivery method employed to use the pheromones to actually meet and attract women? Once again, it is modern developments in colognes and sprays which can enhance one’s ability attract someone new.

The pheromones present in these colognes are not completely natural. Rather, they are synthetic versions of the natural hormones. They are quite effective even though they are laboratory produced versions of the human form of the chemicals.

Applying a spray to your person prior to going out and about looking to meet someone could prove to be a tremendous benefit. A quality spray cologne can provide the proper light scent needed to make you more appealing to the opposite sex. Contrary to what some might believe, you do not need to apply tremendous amounts of the pheromone spray to see results. Even a light amount of the scent can have a dramatic impact on your ability to draw in the attention of the opposite sex.

It is definitely advised to seek out those sprays and colognes which are known for their high quality. Top sprays will include the three aforementioned pheromones androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. Of course, higher grade pheromones will also be noted for their excellent consumer reviews. If others are experiencing positive results from a particular pheromones spray, it might very well be the perfect one to purchase.