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About New Pheromone Additive
By Mark Alexander, Proven Pheromones Editor

While there are a variety of pheromone products out there, there are not many that are designed for both men and women to use. One of the products that can be used by men and women is New Pheromone Additive, but whether you are a man or a woman, you shouldn’t make the purchase before reading reviews. Here is a look at this product and information that can influence your decision on buying this pheromone product.

New Pheromone Additive happens to be a concentrate that is designed for men and women and it has a high concentration of the pheromone known as androstenone. The product has an alcohol base and it is not scented. There are also two secret ingredients contained in the product that the company has not released. Compared to many other products that are similar in nature, this one contains a lot more of the androstenone. Released by the LaCroy Chemical company, they have developed what they call “powerful secret” ingredients that are supposed to help make this product more effective. The product comes in a dropper style bottle.


The product is definitely more concentrated than many other products available, but even so once applied it usually lasts for about 4-6 hours.

The small dropper bottle does make New Pheromone Additive easy for people to use. It is supposed to be used along with other scents and the dropper allows you to mix it with another scent or you can use the dropper to apply a couple of drops and then layer on a cologne or perfume.

Even though this product contains a high concentration of androstenone, this product was a bit disappointing when we tried it out. It did not seem to draw either women or men in the workplace or in a social environment. While it was easy to mix, the smell wasn’t that great and although reasonably priced, the results were still not worth the price.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Affordable


  • May not work for everyone
  • Pheromones not listed


  • Androstenone

Final Verdict

To get a better idea of how New Pheromone Additive works, I wanted to try it in both a work and social environment. I paid the $29.95 to have it shipped to me and when it showed up I was excited to give it a try and figured I would first try it out for work.

It did have a bit of a smell when I first opened the bottle, but I used it along with some cologne I like, which covered up the smell of the product for the most part. When I walked into work, it did seem like both the guys and gals were fairly friendly, but no one was hitting on me, so I wasn’t sure if the product was really working.

That night I decided to give this a try at a local bar, since I was going out with some friends from work for a few drinks, including some pretty nice looking women. I had the product with me, so I applied a bit more along with some cologne before we hit the bar.

One of the women from work did spend a lot of time talking to me, but it seemed more friendly than flirting. There were other women around at the bar, but none of them approached me either, so it really didn’t seem that this really attracted women, even though it seemed my one woman colleague did feel quite comfortable with me.

In the end, I didn’t really feel that New Pheromone Additive was that effective. It was a pain to constantly have to mix it with something else and the smell wasn’t great either. It left me feeling disappointed and wishing I would have spend my money on something else.

Rank Brand Score Strength Results Concentrate Smell Guarantee Customers
Price Visit
1. 98% 18mg 98% 30
2. 90% 17mg 90% 30
3. 87% 13mg 88% 30
4. 84% 13.5mg 83% 30
5. 83% 10mg 84% 30

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