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In a survey conducted by the New Yorle Times Marketing Research Department and the Olfactory Research Fund, six out of ten people said they believe the sense of smell can affect emotions. Sixty—three percent said scent could enhance the emotion of love, and 61 percent said scent contributed to feelings of joy or happiness.

Pherazone is a popular pheromone cologne that claims to have the highest concentration of any product available on the market. One fluid ounce of Pherazone contains 36 mg of pheromones product per fluid ounce; which is 58% higher than Alpha-7 and up to 300% higher than the average leading brand. Of course concentration alone is only part of the equation in recognizing the notion that pheromones can play a prominent role in our sexual choices.   Scent is equally important as our sense of smell  dictates whether we prefer members of the opposite sex.


The aroma of Pherazone can be described as having the aromatic nuance of sweet citrus with a warm, musky trail. The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of sea water and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin.  Perfect for compliment cravers, it has an average longevity of 4-6 hours and the pleasantness of the aquatic fragrance makes it suitable for clubbing, to a job interview, on a first date, or for simple every day use.

Of all the pheromone-based products on this site, Pherazone has garnered the most compliments and is commonly referred to as the “ultimate panty dropper”. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than competing brands. In terms of concentration, Pherazone sells for only $4.99 per mg of pheromone which is in fact less expensive than leading brands such as Chikara ($6.99 per mg), Alpha-7 ($11.42 per mg), Scent of Eros ($9.99 per mg), respectively.


  • Androsterone
  • 5-alpha-Androstenone
  • 5-alpha-Androstenol
  • Androstadienone
  • Androstadienol
  • beta-androstenol
  • beta-epi-androstenol
  • proprietary additives


  • Provocative and stylish aroma arouses women of all ages
  • Free DVD course that teaches the art of sexual attraction
  • Highest concentration pheromone product on market
  • Available in scented and unscented


  • Not available in stores
  • More expensive than competing brands

While as humans we have a rational brain, it is our feeling that pheromones not only strongly influence our behavior, but lil other primal appetites, such as hunger and thirst, they remind us that sexual attraction is a powerful force that is as complex as it is persuasive and frequently irresistible.  Pheromone products can play a prominent role in our sexual lives through pheromonal odor communication.  The detection and recognition of human pheromones subconsciously influences who we accept as a suitable lover. Pherazone is available in scented and unscented and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Visit Pherazone to learn more and make sure to share your comments below.

Score Product Lab Certified Guarantee MG/bottle Strength Longevity Scent Review Visit Site
1. 18/36mg 6 hours Aquatic Read
2. 13.5mg 4 hours Light Musk Read
3. 10mg 4 hours Light Musk Read
4. N/A 17mg 4 hours Cool Read
5. N/A N/A 4 hours Musky Read 


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