Turn Up The Heat

About Turn Up The Heat
By Mark Alexander, Pheromones Report Editor

“Turn up the Heat” sexual pheromone for men is designed to take things to the next level with women. According to the product make, it gives you a strong physical and sexual presence, and a clear signal that “now is the time to get physical.” Pheromones like this are best used in nightclub setting or bar if your goal is intimacy or a one-night stand.


“Turn Up the Heat” is rated to last for 4-6 hours and only requires 2-3 drops. However, we found the pheromone effects to be much weaker than claimed. I did not notice much of a difference. Fortunately, it didn’t smell bad.


  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Not as powerful as leading brands


  • N/A

Final Verdict

While not the worst pheromone we’ve tested it certainly is far from the best. Whether its the pheromone concentration or aroma of the fragrance, it didn’t seem to make much of an impression on women. If your looking for something thats powerful and reliable with an aroma that will sweep women off their feet we suggest Pherazone.

Rank Brand Score Strength Results Concentrate Smell Guarantee Customers
Price Visit
1. 98% 18mg 98% 30
2. 90% 17mg 90% 30
3. 87% 13mg 88% 30
4. 84% 13.5mg 83% 30
5. 83% 10mg 84% 30

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